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Gauge Calibration and Repair Services

Kent Machine, Inc. Incorporated is a one stop shop for gauge manufacturing, repair and calibration. If a production gauge or check fixture fails on your production, Kent Machine will repair and precisely recalibrate the gauge in as little a 24hrs to minimize your down time. At Kent all of our processes, including cryogenic freeze cycling (to stabilize tool steel for grinding) and all heat treating is provided on-site.

In addition, having the unique expertise to build, calibrate and service custom gauges allows us to serve the Aerospace, Off-road, Orthopedic Medical, and Automotive Engine and Transmission Industries with the highest quality and consistency for their custom gauging and fixture needs.

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Lead Times At Kent Machine, Inc., our unique and efficient job flow process allows us minimize lead times down to 24hrs compared with other custom gauge designers that turn around gauges and in-process checking fixtures in 2-3 days minimum. This is a significant advantage for turnaround of repairs so that our customers keep their manufacturing downtime to a minimum in cases where production functional gauges break, fail, or fall out of calibration.
Part Size Capability 40" x 50" (Large Transmission Cases for Auto)
Tolerances to +/- 0.000040

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Equipment List PDF Equipment List (PDF - 47KB)
Specialty Capabilities Kent Machine Inc. has in-house specialty Heat Treating and Cryogenic Freeze capabilities to insure the quickest turnaround, highest quality, and dimensional consistency for your gauging and checking equipment needs. Our on-site Cryogenic Freeze cycle in (-270°F) Liquid Nitrogen (HT>Draw>Freeze>Draw) stabilizes and stress relieves the material's molecular structure for maintaining dimensional consistency during the final grinding process, likewise assuring only the tightest tolerances and finest surface finishes for the most precise gauges and inspection fixtures.

KMI also specializes in gauge repair and calibration. Many shops will perform gauge design, build and repair. But few will also perform the calibration and validation in-house. This means Kent Machine Inc. is also a one stop shop for gauge repair (including subsequent calibration). This reduces lead times and increases confidence that the gauge will be repaired quickly and correctly, the first time.
Specialty Applications KMI specializes in ISO 17025 accredited inspection, and the design and building of gauges and inspection equipment for:
  • Orthopedic Implants
  • Medical Instrumentation
  • Large Inspection Fixtures (40" x 50" base)

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Form Checker Roundness Check
Roundness and concentricity is checked on the shaft bearing journals.
larger image
Vision Inspection OGP Smartscope
Vision inspection is made easy on small components. Profiles of torx drivers are being inspected to .0002" unilateral measurement around the entire perimeter.
larger image
Ziess CMM Zeiss CMM
Zeiss CMM checks features to locations accuracy of .0002". Large parts up to 23" wide and 40" in length can be checked.
larger image
Brown and Sharpe Micro-Hite Brown - Sharpe Micro-Hite 350 Brown & Sharpe Micro-Hite. Accuracy to .000050" for checking locations and surfaces of smaller components.
larger image
Mahr-Federal Opal 300 ULM Mahr-Federal ULM
O.D.'s, I.D.'s, thread pitch, and taper are easily checked on this piece of equipment to tolerances of only .000013"
larger image

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Other Information

  • ISO 17025 Certification and Scope
Quality Statement Kent Machine Incorporated Quality Statement:

We satisfy our customer base by:
  • Providing error-free products and extraordinary service.
  • Relying on the professional competence of a highly skilled workforce.
  • Implementing advanced laboratory quality management systems and practices.
  • Reviewing and improving the methods in which we conduct business. To this end we are committed to achieving these objectives. - Zane Kennedy
Industries Served
  • Aircraft
  • Orthopedic (Implants)
  • Medical Instrumentation
  • Automotive (Engine /Transmission)
Advantages Kent Machine Inc. is a one-stop, quick-turnaround shop for gauge, machine and fixture design, build and calibration. We design, fabricate, build, calibrate and test our custom gauges and inspection equipment so you can confidently use them in production immediately upon receipt of your order.

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