Custom Wire EDM Services

Using our Wire EDM machines along with MasterCam off-line programming, we offer custom fabrication of complicated profiles with wire as thin as 0.004″ in diameter. Manufacturing precise parts with tolerances of plus or minus 0.0002″ and surface finishes of RMS 13 is not a problem for us. In addition, the accuracy of our wire EDM services can be verified by our in-house ISO 17025:2017 accredited laboratory.

With two machines operating 6 days a week and 20 hours per day, our turnaround time can be compressed, when required. We manufacture parts of various sizes with machines that feature a maximum work envelope of 14″ in length by 9″ in width, and a maximum height of 8.75″. Though we can machine any type of complicated parts, our real specialty is our ability to verify small profiles after they have been cut. Our OGP Vision System makes this a snap.

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Lead Times

At Kent Machine, Inc., our typical lead time is 4-6 weeks. Contact us for a delivery quote for your specific project.

Maximum Work Envelope

X-axis 14″, Y-axis 9″, Z-axis 8.75″

Minimum Wire Diameter



to +/- 0.0002″


Equipment List

PDF Equipment List (PDF – 47KB)

Specialty Capabilities

Kent Machine Inc. has in-house specialty Heat Treating and Cryogenic Freeze capabilities to insure the quickest turnaround, highest quality, and dimensional consistency for your gauging and checking equipment needs. Our on-site Cryogenic Freeze cycle in (-270°F) Liquid Nitrogen (HT>Draw>Freeze>Draw) stabilizes and stress relieves the material’s molecular structure for maintaining dimensional consistency during the final grinding process, likewise assuring only the tightest tolerances and finest surface finishes for the most precise gauges and inspection fixtures.


Wire EDM

Wire EDM
Close tolerance gauges to die components are all easily machined from hardened tool steel while maintaining 0.0002″ tolerances. Work capacity of 8″ height x 9″ wide x 14″ in length with wire size down to 0.004″ diameter.
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Other Information

  • ISO 17025 Certification and Scope
Industries Served
  • Aerospace
  • Orthopedic Implants
  • Medical Instrumentation
  • Automotive Components and Castings

Kent Machine Inc. is a one-stop, quick-turnaround shop for gauge, machine and fixture design, build and calibration. We design, fabricate, build, calibrate and test our custom gauges and inspection equipment so you can confidently use them in production immediately upon receipt of your order.